Heli Skiing in Panorama Mountain Village, Invermere, British Columbia Canada

Vertical Drop:
1220 m (4003 ft)
Top Elevation:
2380 m (7808 ft)
Base Elevation:
1160 m (3806 ft)
Panorama Mountain Village is a ski and golf resort in Canada, situated in the Purcell Mountains of southeastern British Columbia. This place is famous for its rolling cliffs and stunning view of Rocky Mountains. This place invites all those people, who want to escape from the daily routine and enjoy themselves.

If you want to feel the adventure and try something extraordinary, you should visit this spot as soon as possible. Offering a wide range of activities, great conditions and a lot of hospitality, this place can be your best getaway. So, get a move on, discover this ski paradise and let the adventure of heli skiing take you away.

This place has a 43 year experience in heli skiing. Imagine yourself admiring the breathtaking views of Rocky Mountains and performing your favorite activity in the most suitable conditions. The resort offers a vertical drop of 1220 m (4003 ft), a top elevation of 2380 m (7808 ft) and a base elevation of 1160 m (3806 ft).

The 120 trails are tailored to serve both experts and amateurs. 20% of trails are designed for beginners, 28% for advanced skiers, 26% for intermediate skiers and 25% of trails are at experts disposal. The longest run is 5.5 km (3.4 mi) and the snowfall reaches 479 cm (189 in). The resort is also known for the greatest training service in North America.

After a thrilling day like that, you can spend your time in one of the most impressive cafes, restaurants and accommodations that you easily find nearby.