Bodyboarding in El Frontón, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands Spain

Best season:
September to December
Skill level:
El Frontón is located in the municipality of Gáldar in Gran Canaria and is among the world's number one bodyboarding waves. With perfect weather conditions, crystal clear sea and large left and right tubes, the spot attracts experienced bodydoarders who come to enjoy the perfect size of this wave.

Offering a fast and powerful world class wave, El Frontón is a top destination for advanced bodyboarders and is situated 200 m/0.12 mi right off La Guancha village. The north of the island between Las Palmas and Galdar receives constant on shore winds and the waves can reach heights of up to 5 m/16 ft.

The wave type in El Frontón is point break and has both left and right tubes while there is also a section with a launching ramp for aerials. Size of the swell starts working  at 1.5 m-2 m /5 ft-6 ft and holds up to 4 m+ / 12 ft and its best direction is North and North East.

The best season to visit El Frontón is from September to December and the spot is suitable for experienced bodyboarders only as it is one of the most famous and dangerous waves of Gran Canaria. It is highly recommended to try this wave as it will definitely be a jaw dropping experience!!! Note that the World Bodyboard circuit ends here every year in December, so don’t miss it!!!