Date of birth:
Cairns, Queensland, Australia
UR Team,
Jet ski
Favourite athletes:
Sam Hill


My name is Tracey Hannah. I live in Cairns, Queensland Australia. I am a professional downhill mountain bike racer. My achievements have been 2 world cup round wins and a first at the Junior World Championships. 2 Years ago I broke my femur and I feel like 2015 is going to be my best year yet. I love to ride my jet ski in my spare time over the offseason ;)


What are you looking for to accomplish?

I have goals and I always want to achieve those goals, this year I want to win races again.

What would be your greatest achievement?

Being the World Champion.

"Tracey Hannah"

What kind of difficulties does your sport’s performance involve?

Injuries are easy to attain in this sport, so that’s hard to break through mentally, and then there is the part of the sport that is male dominated so it’s a bit harder for women to make a living and be fully supported. I’m lucky my team “ UR “ looks after me super well. 

What makes you feel satisfied when performing your sport?

Winning!! Haha. 

"Tracey Hannah"

Where do you practice your techniques when being alone?

I live in Cairns Australia and I spend most of my time there training under my dad and close friends.

What do you do during your training which is key to your success?

Quality training is the most important, no one can train the same and have the same benefits, you need to train to improve the areas lacking. I train personal and I think that’s important. 


What are you most nervous about when competing?

Hopefully this season I can have my nerves under control, but usually I’m nervous about crashing, injuries and results. 

"Tracey Hannah"

Who would you say is your biggest fan and why?

Haha, I think my sisters dog Georgie loves me a lot at the moment. My family has always been my #1 supporter. And my friend Remy Morton.


What is the best piece of advice you have been ever given?

Never give up – Ever!

What are your future plans?

I want to race as long as I’m still up there in the top few, and after that just see what happens. 

"Tracey Hannah"

What are your tips for those who begin now?

Never lose the passion! Work hard and have fun :)