Rock Climbing in Longhaven, Aberdeenshire, Northeastern Scotland United Kingdom

Levels :
Near Aberdeen, there are plenty of spectacular and breathtaking sea cliffs for climbers of all levels of ability.

Near Aberdeen, there is an area called Longhaven. Along the coastline, there are plenty of spots where someone can enjoy on his/her own or with a group, an amazing rock climbing experience. The main cliff structure is made by granite, so it is possible to find suitable grips along the incline. There are around 30 cliffs of all levels of difficulty.

Preferable time for rock climbing activity is during summer, as it can be very windy and foggy at other times. All cliffs are facing the sea, so you can enjoy magnificent views and spectacular sea animals like sea albatross.

As Aberdeen city is only a few kilometers away, you can accommodate there or if you prefer a more quiet place, there are rooms to let near Longhaven.