Spearfishing in Edithburgh Jetty, Yorke Peninsula, South Australia Australia

Built in 1873, Edithburgh Jetty is 170 m/557 ft long and 12 m/39 ft wide, and it is considered to be the most popular dive on the Yorke Peninsula, at 250 km/155 mi in the west of Adelaide in South Australia.

Edithburgh is one of the top jetty dives in Australia when it comes to muck diving and has been voted in the top ten Australian night dives. The jetty’s maximum depth is at 9 m/29 ft and each pylon is encrusted with sponges, ascidians, tube worms, bryozoans and soft corals. This shallow dive is recommended for all divers.

Entry to the jetty is easy! Take the steps just a little way along the jetty and you’re in! There is a huge amount of marine life to explore and it is a great opportunity for spear-fishermen. Snappers and King George whiting fishes are easy to locate in the bay at Edithburgh and most are of good size.

When the water is clear, a lot of whiting are taken by drifting over areas of broken bottom, as are squid and snook. Watch closely for lots of nudibranchs and sea-horses, but don’t forget to look around you as there’s also the possibility of spotting cuttlefish, Port Jackson sharks, dumpling squid, octopus, the occasional cat shark and sea dragons here!

At 50 m/164 ft in the north side of the jetty, there is also a reef with lots of submarine life on it. You can also get air fills in Edithburgh.  It is a great experience and a hive of activity that will delight any spear-fisherman.

How to Get to Destination

BY CAR FROM Adelaide
227 km / 141 mi, 2 hrs 55 mins
head to the north along Port Wakefield Road, following the signs to Port Wakefield Continue onto Port Augusta – Port Wakefield Road, Continue on Port Wakefield Road, Take a slight left towards Copper Coast Highway Continue straight onto Copper Coast Highway, once you come across the crossroad of Cooper Coast Highway with Kalpara Maitland Road you turn on the left and you just follow the Kalpara Maitland Road all the way down to Arthurton Town and then all the way towards Maitland Town. After passing the Maitland, you continue on the Maitland Port Victoria Road towards southwest.
Adelaide International Airport,
227 km / 141 mi from Adelaide


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