Scuba Diving in Cape Town, False Bay, Western Cape South Africa

Water Temperatures:
Dive Depths:
6-30 m/19-98 ft
Without doubt, Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, boasting striking mountains, a long stretch of the Atlantic Ocean coastline and an intriguing working harbour. Located at the shores of Table Bay in the Western Cape province of South Africa, it enjoys an ocean Mediterranean climate with mild moderately wet winters and dry warm summers.

Cape Town still has a great deal to offer to divers. Diving here is open to all levels, from macro-life lovers to ship-wreck lovers. Dive sites range from 6-30 m/19-98 ft. Shore entry dives would normally range from 6-15 m/19-49 ft and boat dives from 15-30 m/49-98 ft. The Cape waters boasts colourful marine life and amazing ship wrecks from recent to vintage with each one telling their own stories.

In most cases, Cape Town can experience all four weather seasons in a day and due to the fact that it is a peninsula, it means that one side is constantly off-shore thus offering better visibility than the other. You would have 2 options of diving in Cape Town,

The Atlantic side or toward False Bay. The Atlantic is mainly dived during the summer months of October to February with water temperatures at an average of 13°C/55.40°F  and visibility at approximately 10 m/32 ft. Diving at this spot requires good quality 2 piece wet-suits of about 7 mm/0932 in.

The False Bay side on the other hand is mainly dived during winter from March to September with water temperatures between 12- 18°C/53.60-64.40°F and visibility at an approximate of 6 m/19 ft. Recommended diving gear is 7 mm/0932 in 2 piece wet-suits and for wreck divers, a torch would come in handy so as to have maximum view of the colorful under-water life!!

How to Get to Destination

BY CAR FROM Johannesburg
1398 km / 886.7 mi, 14 hrs 22 mins
Follow N1 running north east through Johannesburg to Bloemfontein in to Cape Town.
BY CAR FROM Greater Plettenberg Bay
558 km / 346.7 mi, 6 hrs 19 mins
Follow N2 through to George and Sommerset West in to Cape Town.
Cape Town International Airport,
19.4 km / 12.1 mi

Cape Town’s main train station is located in the city centre, on the corner of Adderley Street and Strand Street. All trains to or from Cape Town arrive and depart from here.


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