Kayaking in Eberhard Fjord, Torres del Paine, Magallanes Chile

Kayak adventure:
Paddling through the fjord
Many things to explore:
Natural and historical significance
Torres del Paine is located in Southern Patagonia and is one of the numerous and spectacular national parks in Chile. It was created in 1959 and UNESCO has listed the location as a Biosphere Reserve since 1978. This place is a wonderland for nature enthusiasts from all over the world.

Waterfalls and rivers, Magellanic sub-polar forests, pampas, mountains covered with permanent ice, granite peaks, meadows and glacier fed lakes await the outdoor adventurers to discover the wild and unique nature of Patagonia. Kayaking in Torres del Paine, is a unique way to visit some inaccessible and wild parts of the national park.

Eberhard Fjord is located within the Magallanes Basin and is part of Seno Ultima Esperanza river. It was named after Herman Eberhard, who was the first European to explore this region, discovering remains of the prehistoric Giant sloth. The kayak adventure, starts from Puerto Prat town, and takes you through the magical fjord. There are many things to explore here, with natural and historical significance, along with amazing views of the mountains and glaciers around.

If the weather is good, you can paddle all the way back to Puerto Natales. The nature around you is overwhelming with outstanding ecosystems, different landscapes and rare flora and fauna, found nowhere else on the planet. In every step you take, the views of this dramatic land take your breath away. You can kayak the river all year round, but the best time to visit Torres del Paine is between November and February.

Be very well prepared in regards with gear, food and clothing because the weather is unpredictable with high winds, rain showers, long hot days during summer, snow and everything else you may think of. Wind proof layers are the key.

How to Get to Destination

BY CAR FROM Punta Arenas
151mi / 244 km, 4 hrs 28 mins
Drive from Bulnes towards Los Flamengo, make an open left turn onto Carlos Ibanez del Campo, continue straight onto Ruta Nueve, then onto Routa 9 N, turn right to remain onto Routa 9 N and continue straight onto Pedro Montt
BY CAR FROM Puerto Natales
11 mi / 18 km, 20 mins
Drive Northwest on Pedro Montt towards Ruta 9, make an open left turn on Camino A Puerto, continue on Routa 9 N and turn left on Y-300until you reach the town.
Consorcio Aeroportuario Magallanes,
151 mi / 243 km from the city of Punta Arenas


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