Kayaking in Route Bleue de la Gaspesie, Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec Canada

Stopover areas:
The Gaspesie or Gaspe Peninsula, is a peninsula along the southern shore of the Saint-Lawrence-River, extending into the Gulf of Saint-Lawrence, in Quebec, Canada. It is a well- known area for its economic and cultural development. Many people decide to visit this area from all over the world for its natural beauty, numerous options of sightseeing and a lot of different spectacular places, where they can have fan and plenty of rest.

It is also an area that attracts many people for summer and winter activities. The Route Bleue de la Gaspesie is a place that will convince you to perform the best kayaking ever. The spot offers to everybody the chance to discover nature and get in touch with the marine environment.

Here you can practice kayaking along the most impressive natural landscapes such as rivers, cliffs and shores. Overall, 434 mi/700 km from the Sentien maritime du Saint-Laurent represent more than 160 possible stopover areas. Circuits are tailored to suit the needs of beginners who need something cool, as well as for those who want something more extreme.

Also, be aware that in order to obtain the maps of the Route blue, you have to first become member. You can continue having fun, exploring this amazing place and tasting its fine cuisine.