Climbing Walls in The Hague, South Holland, Netherlands

Indoor and Outdoor
Size indoor / outdoor:
900 m²/9688 ft² / 300 m²/3229 ft²
Routes indoor / outdoor:
120 / 30
Level of difficulty:
7b - 6a / most difficult <7c
Maximum height:
20 m / 65.7 ft
The Hague is situated in the South Holland province where is the capital, lying in the southwest corner of the bigger Randstad conurbation at the west of the country and is the center of the Haaglanden conurbation. The urban area of The Hague, combined with the urban area of Rotterdam, makes it the 206th bigger urban area in the world. The Hague is known as the city where the International Criminal Court, the Dutch parliament, government institutions and the council of state are based. It is not the capital of the Netherlands though. That title belongs to Amsterdam.

The Hague is not only a political center but also an indoor climbing center. In the late 80’s, the first climbing center walls arose in the Netherlands. The first real climbing wall opened its doors in Haarlem in 1992. Then, the idea of the climbing walls was a little bit strange and there were a lot of explaining of what this is and what its purpose is for.

But times have changed and almost every teenager and adult, even kids, in Netherlands has ever been to a climbing wall alone, in groups or on children’s party.  In the Hague, there are two branches of the same climbing section which makes indoor wall climbing very popular among its residents.

The fact that the one branch is right against the Hollands Spoor train station makes the spot even more popular due to its accessibility. The environment is cozy and safe and if you have no idea how to climb, there are qualified instructors that will help you through your first upwards steps.

The facility has about 900 m² / 9688 ft² of indoor terrain and 300 m² / 3229 ft² of outdoor terrain. You have 120 options to enjoy, climbing in the indoor terrain that mostly are top rope. The routes on the outdoor terrain are 30 to lead.

In general, the difficulty lever ranges between 5b to 6a while the most difficult routes don’t exceed 7c. The walls range from side walls to spectacular roofs and overhangs to a height of 20 m / 65.7 ft. If you are an indoor climbing fan, you will definitely appreciate this facility.

How to Get to Destination

54.1 miles / 88.5 km, 1 hour 5 mins
Head east toward Vaivllantplein/S100. Exit the roundabout onto Vaillantplein/S100 Continue to follow S100. Turn left onto Waldorpstraat. Turn left onto Rijswijkseweg. Continue onto Rijswijkseplein. Slight right onto Schenkviaduct. Continue onto Schenkkade. Turn right to merge onto A12 toward Rijswijk/Rotterdam/Amsterdam/Zoetermeer/Utrecht. At the interchange Knooppunt Prins Clausplein, keep right and follow signs for E19/A4 toward Amsterdam. Take exit Leidschendam to merge onto A4/E19 toward Amsterdam. Continue onto A10. At the interchange Watergraafsmeer, keep right and follow signs for A1/E231 toward Almere/Amersfoort. At the interchange Knooppunt Muiderberg, keep right and follow signs for A6 toward Almere/Lelystad. Take exit 5-Almere Stad for s103. Turn left onto Veluwedreef/Waterlandseweg/N305/s103 Continue to follow Veluwedreef/s103. Turn left onto Cinemadreef. Slight right onto Cinemabrug/Cinemadreef Continue to follow Cinemadreef. Turn left onto Landdroststraat.
72.1 miles / 117 km, 1 hour 37 mins
Head east toward Vaillantplein/S100. Exit the roundabout onto Vaillantplein/S100 Continue to follow S100. Turn left onto Neherkade/S100. Turn right onto Rijswijkseweg. Continue onto Haagweg. Continue onto Laan van Hoornwijck. Slight right onto Laan van Delfvliet. Merge onto A13 via the ramp to Delft/Rotterdam. At the interchange 13-Knooppunt Kleinpolderplein, keep right and follow signs for E25/A20 toward Ring Rotterdam (West)/Centrum/Europoort/Hoek Van Holland/Havens. At the interchange Knooppunt Kleinpolderplein, follow signs for E25/A20 toward Ring Rotterdam (west)/Europoort/Hoek van Holland/Havens 200-9900. At the interchange 10-Knooppunt Kethelplein-Schiedam-Noord, keep right and follow signs for A4 toward Europoort/Zierikzee. At the interchange Knooppunt Benelux, keep right and follow signs for A15 toward Hellevoetsluis/Europoort/N57. Continue onto N15. Take exit 12-Brielle for N57 toward Hellevoetsluis/Middelburg. Turn right onto N57 Go through 4 roundabouts. Turn left onto Stoofweg/N57. Turn right onto Serooskerkseweg /N57 Continue to follow N57 Go through 3 roundabouts. At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Dorpsdijk. Continue onto Polredijk. Continue onto Kreekweg. Slight left onto Bosweg. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Veerseweg. Turn right onto Zanddijkseweg. Turn right onto Valeriusstraat.
Rotterdam The Hague Airport,
12.8 miles (20.1 km)
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol,
28.1 miles (46.1 km).

There are two main railway stations in The Hague: Den Haag Hollands Spoor (HS) and Den Haag Centraal Station (CS), at only 1.5 km distance from each other. Since these two stations were built and exploited by two different railway companies in the 19th century, east-west lines terminate at Centraal Station, whereas north-south lines run through Hollands Spoor. Centraal Station does, however, now offer good connections with the rest of the country, with direct services to most major cities, for instance Amsterdam, Rotterdamand Utrecht.


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