Jet Skiing in Nyali Beach, Mombasa, Coast Province Kenya

Water Temperatures:
Nyali Beach is located at 10 km/6 mi from Mombasa's city center and approximately at 15 km/9 mi from the Mombasa International airport. Nyali Beach is the whitest and widest one along the north coast.

The beach actually slopes at an angle and water depths actually depend on tides. The amazing part is that there is always water even at low springs compared to other locations of the north coast. The beach actually slopes at an angle and water depths actually depend on tides.

The beach is surrounded by a 2 km/1 mi reef from the beach, creating a lagoon and  providing for a calm environment for jet skiing. Jet skiing  is conducted most of the year. The water/air temperatures are at bath level and one does not necessarily need wet suits unless one is feeling cold. The temperatures range between 24-32°C/75.2-89.6°F with 24°C/75.2°F being the coolest!

Winds are consistent all year through. Although Kenya is divided into two seasons Kaskazi (North east winds) and Kusi (South-east winds), Jet skiing Nyali is all year through. The wet season (rainy) season is between April and May and in November there is the short rain season.

How to Get to Destination

BY CAR FROM Mombasa Airport
19.6km (12.2 miles) 32 minutes
Head north west on to Airport road on to Magongo road and continue to Refinery road onto Mombasa road(A109) to the New Nyali Bridge then turn right on to Nyali road towards Nyali Beach
BY CAR FROM Mombasa Railway Station
10.7km (6.6miles)
From the Railway station, head onto Mlango wa papa road taking the 2nd exit on the first round about and on to Ronald Ngala road towards the New Nyali Bridge then turn right and stay on the beach road towards Nyali Beach.
Moi International Airport Mombasa,
19.6km( 12.2miles)


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