Kayaking in Raspberry Island, Kodiak Island, Alaska USA

Sea animals
Kodiak Island is situated on the south coast of Alaska and it is separated from the mainland by the Shelikof Strait. The island is the second largest island in the United States and the largest in the Kodiak Archipelago.

Raspberry Island is a beautiful remote island, part of the Kodiak Island Borough. One of the most popular sports on the island is sea kayaking, due to the breathtaking landscapes and the accessible water.

Sea kayaking in Kodiak Island is a quiet, peaceful and gentle way to explore the beauty of the unspoiled nature that surrounds the coastline. Protected lagoons, shale beaches and rocky outcroppings can be easily accessed with your kayak.

The life under the kayak is flourishing and the water is very clear most of the times. The large tides that are sometimes over 20 ft/6 m of vertical distance, created between low and high water, change the sights and the shorelines on every trip.

The guides of every school are knowledgeable of the wildlife that you might find in the area during your trip. Knowing every secret of the spot, the instructors will make every experience a unique, magic ride to the sea world and its creatures.

Sea otters live on the shore and it is very funny to watch them lounging on their backs and playing with their babies. Fin, sei, minke and humpback whales often visit the area and they are easily approachable with your kayak.

These curious and gentle creatures are lovely, when they slowly glide next to your kayak or sometimes under your kayak, if they feel playful! Your guide will make sure that you won’t annoy the animals, eliminating the possibility of danger.

If you are an adventurous type, you might consider a two day trip with overnight included in a tent. Either way if you find yourself in Kodiak Island, this is an experience you shouldn’t miss!!!