Extreme Hiking / Hiking in Kerio Valley, Eldoret, Rift Valley Kenya

Valley Depth:
1200m / 4000ft
Duration :
2-3 hrs
Kerio Valley with its clear blue skies is located at 500 km/310 mi from Nairobi City. It is one of the landmark features of the Great Rift Valley in Kenya. Kerio Valley descends at 1200 m/4000 ft.

The valley consists of semi – tropical vegetation on the slopes and dry thorn bush at the base. Kerio Valley’s eroded blocks of the Eastern Rift Valley provide with a magnificent scenery. Semi-tropical vegetation on the slopes of the valley allows a breathtaking hiking adventure, one will hold in his memories for ever.

The hikes can range from just short walks to more challenging routes. The valley is 80 km/49.7 mi at its widest point and a depth of 1200 m/4000 ft. The floor of the valley is covered with thorn-bush and the hike lasts between 2-3 hours.

In case you are tempted for the more challenging options such as the ‘Valley & back”, you need to bear in mind that one needs to be in high level of fitness for this challenging experience. It should be noted that in case of long expedition, those that would last more than a night, one should ensure that they have with them water, food and sometimes a tent. Another factor to consider is the heat of the valley and the cold of the mountains in the night.