Surfing in Playa de Louro, Vigo, Galicia Spain

Skill Level:
All Surfers
Right and Left
Best Wind Direction:
East, Northeast
Vigo is the largest and most popular city of Galicia. It is situated on the southwest side of the autonomous community and in the southern part of the Vigo Bay.

Galicia is blessed with stunning beaches, from golden and white sandy beaches to lagoons that can satisfy all demands. It is an excellent destination for watersport lovers who hate beach crowds, as the location provides wide open spaces to perform their sport, even in summer months.

Playa de Louro, also known as Area Maior is a sheltered beach break that offers consistent surf and works at almost any time of the year. The swell size here, starts working from 1 m/3 ft and the ideal swell direction is from the southwest. In addition, the best tide position is all tides and the ideal tide movement is rising and falling tides. The spot is appropriate for surfers of all experience levels.

Last but not least, if you visit the area do not miss the opportunity to taste the delicious local dishes, as Galicia is known for the high quality seafood.