Skate Boarding in Spearfish Skatepark, Spearfish, South Dakota USA

Riding Surface Material:
Spearfish is a city situated in Lawrence County, South Dakota, United States. The climate in Spearfish is highly variable, due to its proximity to the High Plains and its location at the base of the Black Hills. Furthermore, the city holds the world record for the fastest temperature change.

Are you looking for a getaway? Let the idea of escaping and be captivated by the beautiful city of Spearfish. Visit this place and motivate yourself to exercise the most exciting skateboarding activity.

Spearfish skatepark is an outside skatepark with metal riding surface. It is a pretty decent park, which promises the most appropriate features for an amazing skateboarding. With 4 ft/1.22 m quarter pipe, 5 ft/1.53 m quarter pipe, 6 ft/1.83 m roll in, 2.5 ft/0.76 m launch to wedge ramp tabletop with a hip on the other side, it is certain that you will enjoy your activity with a vengeance. The park also provides a 12-18 ft/3.65-5.48 m kinked box and 5.5 ft/1.67 m quarter pipe that goes up to 7 ft/2.13 m on the other side with a 4 ft/1.22 m one in between.

The best of all is that skateboarding in Spearfish Skatepark is free of charge! Now, that you have all the information you need, stop wandering around and visit this spot as soon as possible.