Date of birth:
Marseille, France
Santa Cruz, URGE Helmet, SRAM, Masters of Dirt , BNL Collective, Newair Concept, Rockshox,


Tomas Lemoine has made a name for himself in 2014. Not only because of his zebra printed pants, but also his great talent for riding. His first podium at the Gold event Swatch Prime Line Munich caused a ripple effect resulting in consequent top 10 results and invitations to the biggest events on the FMB Diamond Series.

His technical riding style, packed with amazing trick combinations, is shaping up to the level of world class athletes. Keep your eyes peeled because you can count on Tomas stepping it up again in 2015.


How does a typical day in your life look like?

Wake up, eat, check Instagram, training, see my friends and ride my bike. All with some music!

"Tomas Lemoine ( FRA ) - Action"

Everyone has his or her own understanding of success. What’s yours?

Work hard, never give up and make your dreams true!

What does it take to be a professional rider nowadays?

Lots of weekend trips in a year and a lot of training; but this is what we love.

Which is your favorite country?

France for sure; even if I love to travel the world!

"Tomas Lemoine - Action"

Can you explain your style of riding?

I’m riding a lot in skateparks and love doing barspins, but I also love big trails like the one we have in Pernier! I also love to ride technical dirt spots!

What’s the best and worst part of being a professional rider?

There is nothing bad about being a professional. The best thing for me is that I’m just doing what I love to do and what I want to do – so what more could I ask for?

If you weren't a professional rider, what do you think you would be?

I can’t really tell you; I have no idea, but for sure I’d be engaged in some extreme sports!

"Tomas Lemoine - Action"

How do you feel while riding your bike?

On whatever I ride, I’m feeling good cause I’m having fun as soon as I put my feet on the pedals!

What or who inspires you?

Thomas Genon inspires me, because he was kind of the same as I was when he started dirt jumping – we did some races, contests and other stuff together before we got to where we are now. I like his style of riding and now he’s also a good friend of mine. Probably one of the only ones who wants to come and ride some skateparks with me when he’s near!

"Tomas Lemoine "

Sam Pilgrim inspires me too, because he’s a skatepark rider and he does a lot of edits. So he’s one of the guys I was watching when I started mountain biking!