Date of birth:
Lincoln, MA, USA
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Nicholi Rogatkin was born in Boston, Massachusetts where he grew up riding BMX from the tender age of five. In 2013, 12 years later, he is making his FMB World Tour debut, already drawing all the attention with his performances. The talent Nicholi is bringing to the table amazes fans, industry members and fellow riders.

"Nicholi Rogatkin - Action"

Since Rogatkin switched from BMX to MTB just last year, he brings an exciting new flare to the MTB industry. He has a bag full of huge tricks – like the cashroll, his signature move – and the consistency to execute them without fail, time and time again. Nicholi can be happy with his season so far – great podiums such as 2nd place at White Style in February, recently a monumental victory at 26TRIX in Leogang and a solid fourth place at the first FMB Diamond Series event, Crankworx Les Deux Alpes.

Nicholi is certainly a rider you’ll want to follow. Despite rising to the top fast, Nicholi has kept his down to earth attitude with a strong, level head.


How does a typical day in your life look like?

Up until last year I was in high school, so school and homework took up most of my days. This year I graduated and have been able to ride, and travel, and compete more than ever.

When I’m on the road a typical day consists of riding, sleeping, eating, and exploring whatever city I am in. At home, I play hockey in the morning then ride at my house.

Everyone has their own understanding of success. What’s yours?

Success is setting goals and reaching them. Success is chasing your dreams and making them reality.

"Nicholi Rogatkin back flips during Red Bull Rampage in Virgin, Utah, USA on 24 September 2014."

What does it take to be a pro rider nowadays?

Being a pro takes motivation. Motivation not only in competitions but in training. You have to be willing to give your all on your bike. And when things don’t go your way you have to stay in pursuit even if it doesn’t seem possible.

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Which is your favorite country?


Can you explain your style of riding?

My style is to always send the biggest tricks possible. I’m always trying to go huge, I love to fly and to push myself.

"Nicholi Rogatkin "

What’s the best / worst part of being a professional rider?

Best: Traveling, having fun, and getting people stoked on bike riding Worst: Injuries, Jetlag

If you weren't a pro rider, what do you think you would be?

Haha I would be a hockey player or a snowboarder!

How do you feel when you ride your bike?

I feel the best and most at home when I’m on my bike. I’ve been riding for 13 years so it feels like I’ve been riding ever since I was born.

"Nicholi Rogatkin"

What or who inspires you?

Having the opportunity to be the best is what inspires me. I am thankful to be able to compete at the highest level of my sport, so the fact that I am trying to strive for the top spot is what inspires me and motivates me.

"Nicholi Rogatkin"