Extreme Hiking / Hiking in Moses Coulee Preserve Route, Wenatchee, Washington USA

Trail length:
Best hiking time:
April through May
Wenatchee is the largest city of Chelan County, located in North Central Washington and lies on the west side of the Columbia River. The city is also known as the Apple Capital of the world, due to the valley's apple cultivations.

The trail is 4 mi/6.4 km long, (loop hike), about three hours hiking, with minimal elevation gain. The area is a geological wonder with huge basalt walls and sculpted rocks, along with a wide variety of wild animals and plants.

The path leads you to the Dusty Hill Falls that are thundering down the canyon wall, if you visit the area early in the spring. Then the trail splits in two directions. Both ways take you to the beautiful Moses Coulee basin, where there is a variety of places to explore and come across the big, 8 ft/2.5 m tall sage plants, dated since several centuries ago.

The best time to hike this trail is from April through May. Moses Coulee Preserve route is is an exciting hike for nature lovers, and offers beautiful views of the broad lands of the Columbia Basin and the canyon.

How to Get to Destination

145mi/233km, 2hours and 23min
Head East on I-90 E and take exit 85 to WA-970 N towards Wenatchee. Turn left on WA-10/WA-970 and enter US-2 E/US-97 N and continue towards N Wenatchee Ave.
BY CAR FROM Wenatchee
37.9mi/60km, 55min
From S Wenatchee Ave make an open right turn to enter WA-258S/Stevens St, continue towards WA-28E, turn left on Columia Way, continue towards Rd P NW and straight onto Monument Hill Rd NW and look for a gate marked " Natural Preserve" where you can park your car.
Sea-Tac International Airport,
146mi/234km from Wenatchee Town

From downtown Seattle, not far from the airpor, the King Street Train Station is a perfect way to get to Wenatchee. The station offers an enclosed waiting area, with restrooms, ATM and a ticket office. It is located on 303 South Jackson Street.


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