Paragliding in Newport Beach, Newport, New South Wales Australia

Skill Level:
Intermediate and Advanced
80ft/25m AMSL
Newport is a suburb in northern Sydney, at about 31 km/19 mi in the north of Sydney's CBD (Central Business District). It nestles among the Pacific Ocean and the Pittwater.

At the south end of Newport beach, there is a broad rock platform with a salt water pool atop. At the north end of the beach, there is a small grassed area atop a coastal cliff that attracts intermediate and advanced paragliders. This site has two launches spots, the section below the road and the larger hill above.

It is strongly recommended to fly over the road only when you have 100 ft/30.5 m above it.

Admire the stunning views of the beach and the surrounding area while you are floating through the air. Landing point is on the beach. Keep in mind that the site is popular during summer months, so make sure that you have a landing spot.

Note: the lower airspace level is at 2500 ft/762 m. The GPS coordinates for the take off are S33.64900, E151.32480. Height: 80 ft/25 m AMSL. The paragliding association is at your disposal.

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