Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Ibiraquera Beach, Imbituba, Santa Catarina Brazil

Wave height:
<2.5 m/8 ft
Wind strength:
7-20 kn/13-37 kph
Imbituba is a coastal town, located at an hour drive southwards to Florianopolis in Santa Catarina State in southern Brazil. The town is not widely known as a tourists' destination. It is mostly famous for its National Right Whale Conservation Center and the fact that it has become an Environmental Protection Area, due to the action taking place for the conservation of these species.

However, the place is a favorite spot of water-sportsmen and especially, kite-surfers. Ibiraquera beach and Ibiraquera lagoon are the reasons why the place is characterized as the ”surf town”. The best season to kitesurf in Ibiraquera is from September to March.

The beach is sandy, with clean waters, big waves/tubes usually higher than 2.5 m/8 ft. The strength of wind is usually 7-20 kn/13-37 kph with northeastern direction. An intermediate level of experience is required, if you want to kitesurf in Ibiraquera beach.

Nevertheless, Ibiraquera lagoon is always there for those who don’t feel confident enough with their abilities. In Ibiraquera Lagoon, you can kitesurf whether you have previous experience or not, since you are not going to deal with any waves. The bottom is also sandy and the wind’s directions and strength are the same as in Ibiraquera beach.

How to Get to Destination

BY CAR FROM Imbituba
6 mi / 10.5 km, 21 mins
Head northeast on R.Sete to Av. Atlântica. Turn right on Av. Atlântica. Turn right on Estr. p/ Ribanceira. Turn left on Av. Treze de Setembro. Head to Av. Vinte e Um de Junho. Take an open turn left to R. Manoel Florentino Machado. On the turnabout take the first exit to R. Três de Outubro. Turn left to R. Ernani Cotrim. Turn on the second road to Av. Santa Catarina.
BY CAR FROM Florianópolis
52 mi / 83.8 km, 1 hr 11 mins
Head northwest on R. Sete to Estr. Geral da Barra. Turn left on Estr. Geral da Barra. Turn right IMB-413. On the turnabout take the 5th exit to BR-101. Go on BR-282. Go to Pte. Gov. Pedro Ivo Campos. Go to R. Antônio Pereira Oliveira Neto. Take the side road to Av. Paulo Fontes. Turn left on Av. Hercílio Luz. Turn left on R. Tiradentes. Turn right on R. Proc. Abelardo Gomes. Turn left on R. Ten. Silveira.
Hercilio Luz International Airport,
57 mi / 92.1 km


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