Mountain Biking in Pittsfield State Forest, Pittsfield Town, Massachusetts USA

4500 ha/45 km²
Pittsfield State Forest is a 4500 ha/45 km² in the northwest of Massachusetts state forest. Located in the town of Pittsfield, the spot is managed by the Department of Conservation and Recreation of Massachussetts.

The forest is the location of Berry Pond, which sitting atop Berry Mountain at an elevation of 2150 ft / 660 m high is the highest natural body of water in the state. An area of natural beauty, this is a great destination for leisure and recreation, especially for mountain biking.

There are some rather easy, single tracks for the ones seeking a fun ride through the dense forest. However, you can find some difficult trails for the most experienced who want to try their strength through a more difficult course.

The most amusing rides are at the north and south sides of Pittsfield State Forest. The motorized vehicles passing through the trails have evened the surface in some areas making it easier for the riders. If you want to enjoy a ride away from the sound of vehicles, fortunately there are several miles through the forest that gives you some peace of mind. You can find two camping areas and two picnic areas within the Forest.

As far as accommodation and restaurants are concerned,  Pittsfield offers a great variety of options to choose from.

How to Get to Destination

39.7 mi / 63.8 km, 57 mins
From the center of Albany, you will need to enter I-90 E towards Boston. So, take Interstate 787 N for half a mile and then take exit 5 to I-90 E. After about 9 miles, take exit 11E in order to enter US-20 E towards Nassau. Continue straight on the highway and at some point you will enter Massachusetts state. Drive on for a total of 26 miles from the point you entered US-20 E, and then turn right to Hungerford St towards Fort Hill Ave. Left to West St, left again to Cascade St and continue for one more mile towards Shamrock Blvd. You have reached your destination.
141 mi / 227 km, 2 hrs 31 mins
Start from Tremont St towards School St in order to find Massachusetts Turnpike W/Interstate 90 W. Enter I-90 W (you will need to pay tolls) and drive for 123 miles. Take exit 2 (US-20 W/Housatonic St to Lee/Pittsfield) and after 1 mile turn right to US-20 W/Main St. Stay there for 10 miles and then turn left to W Housatonic St, right to S Merriam St, left to West St, right to Churchill St and left to Cascade St. Continue towards Shamrock Blvd for about a mile and you will reach Pittsfield State Forest.
Pittsfield Municipal Airport,
6.5 mi / 10.4 km


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