Skate Boarding in Seawall, Chicago, Illinois USA

Chicago is the seat of Cook County, Illinois, USA. It is the third most populous city in the US and the most populous city in both the American Midwest and Illinois. Nicknamed as The Second City or Windy City, Chicago is situated on the southeastern shores of Lake Michigan, in the northeastern Illinois.

In Chicago and in front of Lake Michigan lies Seawall. It is a concrete transitioned wall, which runs along the back of the John G. Shedd Aquarium along the Lake.

It is not very easy to get there, so it is suggested to ask directions for the aquarium and when you reach it, walk behind it to find the spot. Although it is not a traditional skatepark or even a skatepark, skateboarding enthusiasts will have a blast. The spot is rough and pretty hard to skate. It is dangerous, due to the chance of your board going into the water. The entire surface is concrete and as for skateboarding features, you will meet a vertical ramp, curb, rails and stairs.

The best point to skate is at the far end of the aquarium, where you will enjoy all the run up you need on going straight into the wall and some large block stairs, as well as a round drain, which runs into the transition for more creative possibilities.

Chicago Seawall, as it is also known, is made for daring skateboarders who flout danger and are ready to conquer this concrete seawall.

How to Get to Destination

BY CAR FROM Springfield
207 miles/333.1 km, 3 hours 8 minutes
Head east on E Myrtle St toward S 5th St. Turn right onto S 5th St. Continue onto I-55 BUS S/I-55 Loop S/S 6th St. Continue to follow I-55 BUS S/I-55 Loop S. Take the exit onto I-72 E toward I-55 N/Decatur/Chicago. Continue onto I-55 N. Take the U.S. 41 N/Lake Shore Drive N exit on the left. Merge onto U.S. 41 N/S Lake Shore Dr. Turn right onto E McFetridge Dr. Turn left onto Museum Campus Dr. Slight left.
BY CAR FROM Lawrenceville
261 miles/420 km, 4 hours 22 minutes
Head west on State St toward 11th St. Turn right onto IL-1 N/15th St. Continue to follow IL-1 N. Turn left onto IL-133 W/W Jasper St. Continue to follow IL-133 W. Turn right to merge onto I-57 N. Merge onto Interstate 94 W. Keep left to continue on Interstate 94 Express W. Take exit 53C toward Interstate 55 N/Stevenson Expressway/Lake Shore Drive/22nd Street. Keep right at the fork, follow signs for I-55 N/Stevenson Expy/Lake Shore Dr and merge onto I-55 N/Stevenson Expy. Take the U.S. 41 N/Lake Shore Drive N exit on the left.Merge onto U.S. 41 N/S Lake Shore Dr. Turn right onto E McFetridge Dr. Turn left onto Museum Campus Dr. Slight left.
Chicago O'Hare International Airport,
22.7 miles/36.5 km

If you wish to travel by train, Amtrak has stations almost in the entire Illinois. Take a train from anywhere in the US or Illinois and abort in Chicago – Union Station, IL (CHI). From there you can use the public transportation or rent a car.


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