"Paragliding Philippines 8"

You can learn paragliding with us or book tandem paragliding flights across The Philippines as we offer unique experiences to those interested in air sports adventure.

Paragliding in The Philippines is pure fun! Tandem paragliding prices are very reasonable. We offer Tandem Paragliding as a first free flying experience to every free flying enthusiast out there. It also helps us sustain our sport and the fly-site.

If you love free spirited flying of tandem paragliding you can then decide to learn paragliding by signing up in our paragliding school and go one step further to become a paraglider pilot yourself. "Paragliding Philippines 6"All it takes are some simple paragliding lessons including practice and theory and you will be ready to fly on your own.

Our school offers paragliding lessons through our internationally certified instructors and affiliated national body for free flying. All our paragliding courses are offered online and every new student gets a license from Philippines Paragliding and Hang Gliding Association PPHGA after successfully completing the course.

Paragliding Tandem, Carmona
/ Carmona, Cavite, The Philippines

Tandem Flight: 10 to 15 mins

Individual booking: Weekends (Saturday, Sunday and all Holidays) - 75$ / Weekdays (Monday to Friday) - 55$ 

Group booking (2 or more passengers): Weekends (Saturday, Sunday and all Holidays) - 70$ / Weekdays (Monday to Friday) - 50$

-Meeting time is 7:00 am, best time to fly is in the early morning.

-Polyester/trekking pants (shorts, not really recommended due to the sharp grasses, but if you insist, you can).

-Any dry fit shirt for comfort. You can also wear leggings.

-Sun protection: hat, sun block, shades, long sleeve jersey.

-Outdoor shoes, trekking shoes, trail shoes or running shoes. SLIPPERS IS A NO NO. A change of clothes – after the sustained adrenaline.

-Toiletries: insect repellent, alcohol, wipes.

-Helmet: bike or any sort, if you prefer to use your own, we sell TUBETURBANS at a reasonable price, if you are particular when you borrow a helmet.

-Camera or video camera for souvenir shots.

-While waiting: a snack, a seat, a music player, a book, stories, jokes, fun energy, and a lot of patience.

-Food, water – some of the area is in a remote location. It has cellphone signal though. It will not be easy for you to go in and out of the venue so kindly bring appropriate provisions like personal toiletries or medicine.

-Private Transport – if possible an SUV or 4WD as the terrain to the site is rough, rocky and muddy. There is a grasslands parking area for your vehicle. We advise that you bring only one vehicle for your group.


+ More
$ 75
Weekdays (Monday to Friday) - 55$
1 Day Paragliding Program (min 5 pax), Carmona
/ Carmona, Cavite, The Philippines
  • Book your paragliding tutor.
  • Book a day of your choice. (Weekday or Weekend)
  • Check the weather forecast the evening before your booking, get the go ahead and start time.
  • Meet at our meeting point at Carmona.
  • Sign in and meet the instructors.
  • We all gather at training sites on the early morning.
  • Introductory safety briefing and parachute landing rolls.
  • Explanation of the equipment and site assessment.
  • Demonstration of how to launch the wing.
  • Time for you to have a go at practice launching on the flat!
  • As the day goes on we aim to progress up the slope and achieve higher flights – weather depending.
  • You fly through the air with a massive grin on your face!
  • If the weather is suitable you might also get a tandem flight. (at extra charge)
  • Debrief and head to the coffee shop for refreshment and chit chat.
  • You get hooked on paragliding!

WHEN YOU CAN FLY: We pride ourselves on being the only full time paragliding active team in the Philippines who flies all the time. We have even been known to fly on Christmas and new year’s day! At night when full moon is out!

WHO YOU FLY WITH:  We have a team of full time qualified paragliding instructors who have your safety and enjoyment as number one priority. All our instructors are experienced paragliding pilots who have flown all over the world and are rather obsessed with paragliding!

WHERE YOU FLY: Just 40min drive from Manila at Carmona Flysite. A safe uncrowded airspace on beginner friendly site.

WHY WE FLY: Because it’s epic and you’ll never forget it!

+ More
$ 35
Weekdays (Monday to Friday) - 25$ per person
Full Paragliding Program, Carmona
/ Carmona, Cavite, The Philippines

Free use of school paragliding gear, radio, helmet. Exercises are conducted on a training hill at Carmona Fly-site.

Timing: 15:00 to 18:00 / Price: 110 $ per day

Day 1: Ground Training
Day 2: Ground Handling
Day 3: First Hops
Day 4: Flight Exercises
Day 5: Theory and Exam

Free use of school paragliding gear, radio, helmet. Transport to LZ/TO.

Timing:  08:00 to 12:00 / Price: 45 $ per day

Day 6: Pre-Soaring
Day 7: Soaring
Day 8: Improving your skills
Day 9: Instability & emergencies
Day 10: Theory and examinations

+ More
$ 110
After Day 5 - 45$ per day
Paramotoring Course, Carmona
/ Carmona, Cavite, The Philippines

Flight: 10 to 15 mins

Individual booking: Weekends (Saturday, Sunday and all Holidays) - 75$ / Weekdays (Monday to Friday) - 55$ 

Full powered paragliding course and refreshment training through international assortment of highly skilled professional paramotor instructors with years of experience. Learning to fly a Paramotor will bring you great joy and a sense of personal achievement while discovering an exciting new adventure sport. Having a good time is the cornerstone to our success. Come and learn with us – you’ll be up in the air, having a blast in no time!

+ More
$ 75
Weekdays (Monday to Friday) - 55$