We have been flying tourists and locals over the Mediterranean for more than a decade. Our highly trained pilots will take you on an extraordinary ride to experience Lebanon like you have never before. They are all fully qualified and proficient in all aspects of safety and international flying standards and we take great pride in being recognized by both our peers and the community for our professionalism and competence. We will always guarantee our passengers’ safety regardless of age or health conditions.

"Paragliding Jounieh 6"

Our only pledge to you remains unbroken: we promise to take you on a spectacular journey and create memories you will never forget!

Group packages and special events can also be tailored upon request: TANDEM FLIGHTBIRTHDAY FLIGHTPROPOSAL FLIGHT

Paragliding, Jounieh
/ Jounieh, Lebanon

The standard price for Tandem Flights is fixed for the entire Lebanese territory to 120 US Dollars per person, per flight and is inclusive of all gear and equipment.

You may purchase the video of your flight for an additional 30 US Dollars and collect a copy of that video immediately after your flight, at the landing site.

"Paragliding Jounieh 5"

Should you wish to arrange transportation to the takeoff site, additional charges will be set by the third-party taxi available at the time. You may select the transportation company of your preference. You may also choose to drive to the takeoff site with your own car, however, you will need to ensure someone is available to drive it to the landing site on your behalf as we do not provide drivers and cannot be held responsible for that service.

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$ 120
Video / $ 30