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Welcome to the Sky!!! Paragliding is the ultimate and unique free-flying sport. Just using nature’s powers like wind and sun, you can soar on a slope for hours or gain altitude and travel long distances. Para Fly is a paragliding school in Cyprus that intends to guide participants safely from ground to the open sky, feeling the freedom of flight the way that only birds can do. In our school we strictly follow the APPI educational system, an international and professional system, at the highest level.

Paragliding Open Sky & Adventure Pilot, Stavrovouni
/ Cyprus, Larnaca, Pyrga

Open Sky Pilot is smply the first degree in the APPI Education System. The students learn how to install and control the wing on the ground (Ground Handling) and have the first solo flight experience. Adventure Pilot is a student capable of flying from the take-off point to the landing zone in stable weather conditions and in altitude gliding. At these levels, students are allowed to fly ONLY with radio communication and under the Instructor’s supervision.

To participate and complete the Open Sky Pilot course, an individual must:

  • Be a minimum age of 18 years old.
  • Enroll in a minimum 5 days course. This includes a minimum 3 days of ground handling.
  • Complete the theoretical course on basic paragliding knowledge (Flying Technique, Aerodynamic, Meteorology, Legislation, Equipment).
  • Complete the practical, analyze, technique and mental preparation.

To participate and complete the Adventure Pilot course, an individual must:

  • Be certified as an Open Sky Pilot or alternatively have a qualifying certification from another training organization.
  • Minimum age of 18 years old.
  • Minimum 10 days course
  • Complete the theoretical and also practical: analyze, technique and mental preparation.
  • Have minimum of 10 flights done, with instructor on radio.

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  • Intro Equipment, Vocabulary, Maintenance
  • Daily inspection, material checking and packing
  • Weather analysis, Site inspection, Airflow
  • Take-off 5 point control
  • Take off in 4 phases
  • Slalom: pitch, direction and roll axis in contact with glider
  • Harness simulator, getting in and out of harness and turns
  • In-flight check, hands through brake handles
  • Small flights
  • Follow flight plan, 3D markers, and correction of trajectory
  • Flight with changes in direction: 90/ 180/ 270/ 360
  • Explore speed range, max speed, best glide ratio, min sink
  • Create pitch let stabilize and create roll let stabilize
  • Loss of height stable in good speed range
  • Final approach: stable, speed, legs down, looking ahead
  • Landing into wind, flare and final braking


  • Make clear the 3 parts of flights: Take-off, Flight and Landing
  • Daily weather analysis and evolution
  • Take-off 5 point control and pre-flight checks
  • Take off in 4 phases: Inflation, Control, Decision, Acceleration and Looking ahead with good trajectory
  • Stopping the take-off on safety line
  • After take-off in flight check and Getting into harness
  • Hands through brake handles
  • Respecting flying direction after take-off
  • Big Ear and change of trajectory
  • Roll and control, roll with big ears
  • Pitch control
  • Speed bar
  • Speed control
  • Figure 8, Down wind and Up wind position
  • Landing technique PTU/ S/ 8
  • Landing in decided area
  • Maneuvering with D line in case of brake line failure
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Tandem Paragliding, Stavrovouni
/ Cyprus, Larnaca, Pyrga

If your time for Paragliding Training is limited, but you still want to taste the feeling of a free-flight, you can join us as a passenger in a Tandem Flight with our experienced Instructor as a pilot. You will live an amazing and unforgettable experience! You will sit back, relax and just enjoy your flight. The flight is completely safe and you are going to take off without realizing it.

"Para Fly 4"

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