SUP Windsurfing


"Makwind Cyprus 18"The main target of our Company is to give you the option to choose any of the biggest windsurfing / sup brands of the world (Neilpryde/ JP, North/Fanatic  Point-7/ Starboard, RRD, Avanti , Unifiber, Powerex). Advance equipment (pro) and High quality products from the best brands in the world is our key feature.

The shop is located at the heart of Limassol since 1989. In 2011 we opened a windsurfing Club in one of the most windy areas of Cyprus, in Ladies Mile! For that reason we just named the club Windymile!

We offer Windsurfing/SUP Lessons from well-qualified and experienced instructors and rentals in our club. The flat water conditions help both beginners and intermediate riders to proceed and learn faster.

We can guarantee excellent facilities, warm and friendly atmosphere and fantastic winds for all skill levels!!!

SUP Lessons / Rentals, Limassol
/ Cyprus, Limassol

SUP Lesson 1 hour: €25

SUP Rental 1 hour: €15

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Windsurfing Lesson Packages, Limassol
/ Cyprus, Limassol

1 hour Personal Lesson: 40

1 hour Group Lesson 2-3 persons:  €25 p.p

5 hour Personal Lesson: €170

5 hour Group Lesson 2-3 persons: €100 p.p

8 hour Personal Lesson: €220

8 hour Group Lesson 2-3 persons: €130 p.p

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Windsurfing Rental Packages, Limassol
/ Cyprus, Limassol

1 hour Beginner Equipment: €20

1 hour Pro Equipment: €25

3 hour Beginner Equipment: €50

3 hour Pro Equipment: €65

5 days Unlimited Time Rental: €220

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