Paintball in Biloxi River Paintball, Biloxi, Mississippi USA

45 ac / 0.18 km²
Playing Fields:
10 yrs and up
Biloxi is nowadays the fifth largest city in the state of Mississippi. Although it has suffered severe damages by the hurricane Katrina, most of which are now restored, Biloxi can provide many recreational activities in parks, playgrounds, tennis and basketball courts.

Biloxi River Paintball is the biggest paintball field in south Mississippi. It offers players the unique opportunity to play a role from a movie or video game or true history type battle through scenario paintball. Scenario games embody missions, props, special effects, and anyone can be fortunate enough to play with or against the best players or teams of the County.

Biloxi River Paintball has 3 distinct playing fields ideal for any player, experienced or not, ten years and up. It was built along the Big Biloxi River, providing a unique type of terrain. It has a Fuel Depot, POW Camp, Village, Airbase, Ammo Depot, Radar Sites, SAM site, various bridges, roads and many trails all over the 45 ac/0.18 km² battleground. The new structures and various items continuously added to the field, keep the field fresh and challenging for all players.

Offering safe, exciting and challenging fields of battle, Biloxi River Paintball is definitely worth a visit!!!

How to Get to Destination

BY CAR FROM Gulfport, Mississippi
28.16km/ 17.5 mi, 21 mins
1. Head north on U.S. 49-N / 25th Ave to 14th St. Continue to follow the US-49 N. 2. Turn right in F Taylor Rd. 3. Take the 1st turn left into Blackwell Rd. Your destination will be on your right.
BY CAR FROM Long Beach, Mississippi
35.08km/ 21.8 mi, 31 mins
1. Head east on W Railroad St toward N Jeff Davis Ave. 2. Take the 2nd turn right into Jeff Davis Ave. 3. Turn left at E Beach Blvd. 4. Turn left at U.S. N-49 / 25th Ave. Continue to follow the US-49 N. 5. Turn right in F Taylor Rd. 6. Take the first turn left into Blackwell Rd. Your destination will be on your right.
BY CAR FROM Ocean Springs, Mississippi
41.84km/ 26 mi, 34 mins
1. Head north on Washington Ave to Porter Ave. 2. Turn left onto the ramp I-10 W to New Orleans. 3. Merge onto I-10. 4. Take exit 46A for I-110 / MS-fifteen to Biloxi / Keesler AFB. 5. Take exit 46B to merge in MS-15 N. 6. Proceed to MS-67 N. 7. Proceed to MS-605 S. 8. Proceed to MS-67 N. 9. Turn left at Bill Bond Rd. 10. Proceed to Saucier Fairley Rd. 11. Turn left at Blackwell Rd. Your destination will be on your left.
Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport,
32km / 20mi
Mobile Regional Airport,
95km / 59 mi.

No train station serving this spot.


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