Bungee Jumping in Navajo Bridge, Marble Canyon, Arizona USA

Length of the bridge:
834 ft / 254 m
Jump's height:
467 ft / 142 m
Weight range:
120 - 220 lb / 54 - 100 kg
The worldwidely famous Navajo Bridge crosses the Colorado River Marble Canyon near Lee's Ferry in Arizona. Today, this bridge is visited by a vast number of extreme sport enthusiasts.

When it comes to Bungee Jumping from Navajo Bridge there is no combination of words to accurately describe this lifetime experience. If you think that it’s time to overcome your fears, you should visit the Navajo Bridge. Be sure that Bungee Jumping from this bridge is not a usual activity!

Just get ready for the time when your body will feel totally free, your negative thoughts will fade away, and that is when your heartbeat will merge with your screaming. Enjoy this utterly different experience from a jump height of 467 ft / 142 m. This point of height gives this bridge the reputation of being the 10th highest jump off of a bridge and the 15th highest jump off of anything.

The total length of this steely bridge is 834 ft /254 m. During your thrilling activity you have the chance to admire or feel that you are ready to touch the Colorado River. For a safe activity, you will find schools that organize bungee jumping in Navajo Bridge with great success.

Furthermore, there is a weight range of 120 – 220 lb/54 – 100 kg to participate in this activity. Last but not least, you must be up to 18 years old to jump off and feel this adrenaline rush.

So, when you hear about Bungee Jumping, Navajo Bridge is the spot that should definitely cross your mind!!

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