Bungee Jumping in 007 Golden Eye Bungee Jumping, Verzasca Dam, Locarno, Switzerland

Height of the Dam/jump:
220 m/722 ft
Free fall:
7.5 sec
Bungee types:
All 007
Location height of the dam:
470 m/1541 ft above sea level
Dam length:
380 m/1247 ft
The Contra Dam is known as Verzasca Dam and Locarno Dam. It is an arched dam, situated on the Verzasca River in the Val Verzasca of Ticino.The Dam became popular for bungee jumping, after a James Bond stuntman performed a bungee jump from it in the opening scene of the 1995 movie Golden Eye. The stunt was voted as the best movie stunt of all time in a poll of 2002 made by Sky Movies.

The movie starts with a dark figure of a man, running along the top of the dam. The only time he stops is to rope his ankles by attaching the other end to the railings. Then he launches himself into the abyss. When he finished his breathtaking descent towards the floor of the valley, he pulls a gun and fires to a building situated beneath him a roped piton hook.

Then and before the bungee cord whisks him back to the top, a small winch on his gun winds the rope in and he is slowly being placed at the top of the building. That man can only be one man, James Bond and for about an hour you can be that man by following his footsteps and plunge 220 m / 722 ft down the face of Verzasca Dam.

The Dam can be reached from Gondola by following a 2 km /1.4 mi long section of a road. You will meet the jumping station, placed at the center of the Dam. The particular stationary bungee station is the world’s highest one. The world’s famous bungee jump is also a world record. There are many ways to perform that jump.

The ”007 classical one” which is ideal for first timers, the ”007 backwards” where you can jump backwards the depth and the ultimate full moon experience with the ”007 night jump”. The jump of the jumps, indicated only for experienced jumpers, the ”007 Ultimo” where you will jump feet first holding on with your hands.

The decision is yours. You can try one of them or all of them! Just remember that a reservation is absolutely necessary, if you are planning to perform this world famous bungee jump. Open your golden eye and feel the adrenaline of a unique jump.

How to Get to Destination

121.1 miles (196 km), 2 hours 16 minutes
Follow A3W. At the intersection 2-23 stay right and follow the signs for A3 to Flughafen/Bern/Basel/St.Gallen/Luzern/Westring-Zürich. At the intersection 31-Zürich-West stay left and follow the signs for E41/A4 to Gotthard/Luzern. Continue to Axenstrasse/Route 2/E41. Continue to follow route 2. Continue to A4/E41 signs for Altdorf/E35/A2/Luzern/Gotthard. At the intersection 36-Altdorf stay left and follow the signs for Lugano/Gotthard. Enter A2. Enter A2. Take the exit 47-Bellinzona Sud to Locarno. Enter In Tirada/Route 2. Continue to follow route 2. Turn right on Ala Campagna. Continue to Via Stradonino. Turn left on Via Cantonale/Route 13. Continue to follow route 13. Turn right on Via Valle Verzasca. Turn left to remain on Via Valle Verzasca. Turn left.
170.4 miles (274 km), 3 hours 44 minutes
Enter A9/E62. Continue to E62. On the roundabout take the second exit to the side road A9 to Simplon/Brig-Glis. Enter A9. Exit on A9/E62 to Milano/Domodossola/Simplon. Continue to E62. Enter Italy. Continue straight to S S337. Take the exit Masera to enter to S S337 to Val Vigenzzo. Turn left to remain on S S337. Enter Switzerland. Continue to Via Cantonale/Route 560. Continue to follow Via Cantonale. Turn right to remain on Via Cartonale. Continue to Via Arbigo. Continue to Via Mezzana. Turn left on Via Locarno. At the roundabout take the first exit to remain on Via Locarno. On the roundabout take the second exit on the side road A13. Enter A13. Make an open left turn to remain on A 13 (signs for Lugano/Bellinzona). Take the exit Valle Verzasca to Tenero/Gordola. Turn right on Via Brere. On the roundabout continue straight to remain on Via Brere. Via Brere slightly turns left and is named as Via Saliciolo. Continue to Via Stazione. On the roundabout take the first exit to the route 13. Turn left on Via Valle Verzasca. Turn left to remain on Via Valle Verzasca. Turn left.
Aeroporto cantonale di Locarno,
4.1 miles (7.4 km)
Lugano Airport,
25.7 miles (40.7 km).

Take a train from anywhere in Switzerland and disembark at Lugano station. From there, you will have to take a bus or a car to Locarno and then a car or bus to visit the Dam. There are buses from Locarno to the Dam every two hours.

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